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At Feel Better Nutrition, we approach each person as an individual and consider their whole health picture.
Learn more about we use the principles of functional medicine and naturopathy, and how these influence our nutritional plans.

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At Feel Better Nutrition we aim to help you make a fresh start and give you a new perspective on your eating and health, even if you are starting right from the beginning or already doing well but want to optimize yourself to the next level. Read here about the different areas of health and diet we can assist with.

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Lorna and her team run a number of nutritional, botanical, herbal, food demonstration and functional medicine seminars and workshops. These are everything from one-off lecture evenings, hands-on kitchen classes, to full weekday and weekend courses to outside garden and nature walks. Events are mixture of free and ticketed.

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Laboratory Services

In conjunction with the UK's leading private medical testing laboratories, we are able to access a wide range of tests to examine nutrient levels, gastrointestinal function, hormones, biochemistry, metabolism and much more.

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If you think you can't do something, you probably can't. That is where the 'thinking' takes over...the master. Don't think so much about healthy changes you can't do. Try them anyway, no matter how un-refined, or un-elegant they seem. Little by little, it all builds over time and you will start to see its a journey. But try not to allow the 'master' to tell you that its not possible. Thanks also Nicole Parsons-Lourens
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I could not agree more with Henrietta. Quick fix detoxification is not the way forward and is potentially more harmful and the patient will not see or feel the long term benefits. Longer courses of detoxification is what our ancestors would have completed too. The quick-fix detox is a far cry from proper functional or naturopathic cleansing.
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Feel Better Nutrition with Lorna Driver-Davies updated their profile picture.

Babies are not sterile in the womb (we used to think this). They are in fact receiving beneficial bacteria from their mother via the umbilical cord. The last trimester is when this occurs most, which is why if a baby is premature, they may not have had time populate certain bacteria they need. I encourage pregnant mothers to increase beneficial bacteria foods like sauerkraut (but caution over raw cheeses etc) and supplement with a good probiotic all the way through pregnancy. If a baby is pre-term or cesarean born, or not breastfed then the baby itself will need a suitable probiotic too. Its in these early years that we develop our own important microbiome of bacteria that will serve us as an adult. It shapes our immune system for life.
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Edible flowers and delicious breakfast. I roll with Bain-Marie I love her! If you are in West London you must try her food Goldfinger Factory

Seminar on Thyroid Health – Supporting Hormones, Metabolism & Vitality - given by Nutritional Therapist Lorna Driver-Davies, Brighton Thursday 23rd June 2016 - 6:30pm More information and for tickets https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/thyroid-health-supporting-hormones-metabolism-vitality-cnm-brighton-23rd-june-2016-registration-24558824104
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The difference between between 'folic acid' and 'folate' is such a confusing topic for clients and my article aims to demystify the topic. This is also especially important for anyone concerned about genetic variations (MTHFR) and how they may affect nutrient absorption.
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Movement is just as important as nutrition. Movement supports our digestion, gets our heart working and hopefully our brain more fired up...and more. Thank you Nicole Parsons - Transformation Coach, UK Egoscue Instructor for sharing!

I agree! Magnesium and B vitamins in a food form supplement is the way to go for energy support and is a constant in my own personal list of supplements. Many of you will know my natural approach to supplementation and avoidance of synthetic supplementation (around 99 % of the market sadly). Lovely article in Matches Fashion. http://www.matchesfashion.com/womens/the-style-report/2016/05/the-head-turning-looks-issue/the-wellness-report-the-truth-about-supplements-eve-kalinik
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This is something I have to remind myself everyday as its really simple but easy to forget. Thanks Nicole Parsons for this message! In fact Nicole Parsons - Transformation Coach, UK Egoscue Instructor has more messages like this on her page! Some of my clients may already know her from her amazing professional capacity to resolve structural and postural aches and pains!
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For me movement, posture, alignment, flexibility and generally feeling 'calm' are also part of being healthy (not just what you eat). I couldnt recommend more Alice's yoga classes in the village of Leigh (not far from Tonbridge), Kent. Get relaxed and bendy! I love Shine Yoga
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Looking forward to more herbal lecturing this year! If you are interested learning more about herbs, come and watch me lecture alongside my other herbal lecturing team - no previous herbal medicine experience necessary!
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I love this article explaining the link between the gut, inflammation and depression.

Feeling wonderfully healthy after an 45 minute run across the Sussex Downs. This is all on my doorstep and feeling pretty grateful for it. Not my photo but it looks just like this...and it did today with the glorious sun. I am often an over-worker, but this run has inspired me to write more good things about a menopause article I need to get done. So sometimes a break is indeed good for the brain!
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Looking forward to giving a 'Health Myths' seminar tomorrow evening at Macfarlanes legal firm. I love dispelling myths around supposedly healthy foods (that are bad for us) and foods we avoid because we think they are unhealthy but they are actually good for us! I will be talking a lot about fat and sugar of course!! remember over hearing two girls about 10 years ago rejoicing in the fact that a pack of meringue was low fat. Ha, I dont think they looked at the sugar content! And how we used be scared of the fat in avocados!
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Teens are incredibly 'ignored' nutrition-wise. They have high nutritional needs due to rapid growth and development. I often feel we focus on child nutrition, and while this is of course important, teens need even more nourishment. National statistics show that teens do not eat enough of the foods they should be, and thereby lack key nutrients in their diet for their brains, bones, hormones and more. Teens are the adults of our future so make sure they get plenty of rest (they need more sleep than children or adults) and parents make a big effort to feed them properly!

I love the quotes from the Professor - really interesting. We must get teens to sleep to give them a good healthy life ahead. I recommend supplementing teens with two capsules per day of really good food form magnesium before bedtime and banning mobile phone use before bed. "The first thing is that the brain's ability to process information begins to fall apart pretty quickly with lack of sleep and also your emotional responses, your empathy towards other people also begins to decline and your tendency to do stupid and unreflective things goes up with lack of sleep. "Longer term sleep disruption can lead to the suppression of the immune system, higher levels of infection and really long term sleep disruption [...] can lead to some forms of cancer, coronary heart disease and metabolic abnormalities such as diabetes." Professor Russell Foster from Oxford
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John is amazing. His foraging walks surpass any textbook...he knows it all! Go on them! Love it Forage London.
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Thanks for sharing this Anu Arasu really interesting!